Katia Saleh - Beyond the cedar tree and the Lebanese cuisine

“I was once accompanying my mother in the car in 1982 following the Israeli invasion and we stopped by an Israeli checkpoint. The soldier asked for my mother’s papers, “give me your papers.” She told him, “I have to give my papers to you? What for? Why don’t you give me your papers? He burst into laughter and allowed her to pass. Ever since this incident, I started believing that when you tell the truth you’re able to achieve something.

And on that basis we decided to go on with Shankaboot and so we worked on it and talked about the concierge of my building, who listens to birds whistling sounds on his stereo in order to be able to hunt. And about my neighbor whom I would hear everyday beating her housemaid and calling her “an animal” while forbidding her from having a day off. And about the woman who went to the police station to file a complaint against her husband and was told: “You’re complaining about your husband for beating you? He should beat you again for doing this!” We have talked about all these issues and dared to expose them.”

Shankaboot is the world’s first Arabic web drama series, first aired in 2010. You can find all the episodes here

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